The struggle

We, like you (hopefully) are trying to live sustainably.

BUT. Try and try as we may, living the sustainable lifestyle in the Big Smoke is about as easy as grabbing a hold of smoke… or air pollution (we are in London after all).

Lately, however, we’ve been feeling like our best just isn’t good enough; although we march and we protest (admittedly only when hangovers permit); although we cycle to work and recycle our rubbish and; although we buy vegetarian, locally grown, organic permacultural, sustainable, edible, doesn’t-have-a-sell-by-date food (maybe a small exaggeration…) we seem to be encountering a few brick walls! No matter which way you look at it, bananas don’t grow in England and I’m pretty sure the Irish didn’t die because of an avocado famine.

SO, instead of feeling like David fighting Goliath, we have taken to the world of wordpress to set the record straight about how hard we try and, how often we fail.
We’re only muggles after all.

Over the next few pages, find our ramblings, rants, musings and forays. Apologies if we ever come across as negative, but y’know, life is frustrating sometimes.
Hopefully this blog will not only serve as an outlet for the inner craziness of our minds, but could perhaps help you in your endeavours to live more sustainably, and maybe we’ll even manage to untangle some of the messy decisions we have to try to muddle our way through on a daily basis.
Feel free to comment and question, or even to join us on the journey. In our house, the door is always open.

Keep fighting the good fight.
Sophia & Bex


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