D.I.Y. Number 1

A pet hate of mine is To Let/ For Sale signs. They’re a waste of wood, a waste of plastic and they’re infuriatingly left by silly estate agents on everything. I think the Welsh Government are the only one to have removed consent for them in Cardiff, forcing companies to apply for permission.

I moved to London late August 2015,  so naturally there was a ‘To Let’ sign outside the house. Three weeks later an extra bit of plastic appeared over a section of the sign, now it just read ‘Let’. I was baffled. I don’t want to rant… but, would it not be a good idea for the people to just take the ‘To Let’ sign and stick it outside a house that was actually ‘To Let’, rather than adding more plastic to it and continuing to ruin the view out of the living room window? I don’t know – it’s a thought itsn’t it.

I took the sign down and when two more appeared I took them down too.

Armed with over 5m of wood I decided to design a very simple bench. After all, what sustainable living advocate doesn’t want to make their own furniture? Using some tools my dad left me, a drill from StreetBank, screws and brackets from Roman Road and, of course,  an extra pair of helpful hands: over the course of the weekend a bench was built.


I’m not going to lie, it could be better but, I’m quite pleased with my new bench! Now all we need is one more sign to steady the legs…

(I’m still awaiting an ingenious idea to make use of the plastic signs – they’re currently a waterproof cover for a drying machine that’s one the way out  (more on that to come))


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