The B Word.

That word. Maybe it’s fallen off your radar. Maybe it’s haunting your dreams. Maybe you want to stop talking about it and get on with enjoying your summer. Well, before you go off frolicking, I have one final thought on the matter.

Brexit is an opportunity.

Yes, I am a remainer. Yes, I am an environmentalist. Yes, on the 24th June I cried, and yes I wanted to set the world on fire and throw rocks at old people. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of implications about Brexit that I’m not a fan of. 10 years of re-writing legislation, a narrowed worldview, the short-term instability…
But despite everything. Despite all of this anger and resentment, change is now coming whether we wanted it or not. Therefore, everything that underpins our current paradigm no longer exists; and a new world order must be created.

This new normal is yet to be decided: as has been made clear by the lack of a plan from any of our political parties. Therefore: we have the opportunity to determine what it looks like. Leaving the European Union does not have to mean stepping back in time by 40 years; and it doesn’t have to mean that we stop tackling issues like climate change, inequality and terrorism.

I mean, yes, creating an entirely new system is going to take time and effort and enthusiasm. And yes, we’re going to have to fight the far-right neoliberal views which want to use this opportunity to implement yet more austerity and privatisation… but we can do it. With intelligence rather than indifference, and passion rather than apathy, our generation can overcome this. We can create a positive, more sustainable future, together.

Therefore, I beg to anyone reading this; don’t lose that anger, that frustration and that passion that you felt those couple of weeks ago. Harness it. Find the issue that you care most about and champion it. Whether it’s the free movement of people, equality for women, environmental protection, workers rights… or anything else you can think of. Pick your corner and fight.
If you, and me, and everyone else does that: if everyone fights for the thing that they believe will make the world a better place; that’s when we win.

Don’t lose hope. A better future is ours for the taking. Brexit is an opportunity.

sustainUNable : sustainENable



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