Back in August Bex and I discovered permaculture. We were squeezed together on a wooden bench, in a crowd of eager listeners, all leaning our heads towards a old bloke in a wedding dress telling us all about it. It was fascinating. He knew so much about plants, ecosystems, the value of our ‘waste’, he had orchards in Bristol and worked with communities. He was a man one with his environment (minus the wedding dress). He was mad, I was inspired.

I thought to myself, I want to live like that! I’ll drop everything and move to Scotland. Buy some land and live off it. Be one with the Outer Hebrides. No! A better idea came to mind… I’ll bring permaculture to London. Perma-city.

What is this I hear you ask?

  • Permaculture: the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.
  • City: a large town

Perma-city: the development of a large town intended to be sustainable and self-sufficent. 

This may seem like a big ask for a big city.

Since that fateful day I have been doing my research. A town in America called Franklin are already one step ahead where an NPO PermaCityLife is revitalising the city with the power of perma. Here in London there’s quite a bit going on too. There’s the network, the permaculture association,  spiralseed run courses, and projectdirt lists permaculture related events you can volunteer at. I’ve even been sent talks that are on too from their newsletter.

Next step: Get London Permacultured.




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