What I learnt from selling almost everything and why I won’t be buying on Black Friday

A fantastic and very timely piece from Gee to coincide with the ridiculous consumerism and sustain-unable nature of Black Friday.

Her message is “Care less about what you own. Care more about how you live.”

To Uganda and Back Again

Unless you’ve been living on Mars you’ll know that it’s Black Friday. Apparently it’s now Britain’s biggest shopping day – last year c. £2bn was spent in the UK in just 24 hours. No doubt that figure will sadly be even higher this year and we’ll see images of shoppers stampeding like wilderbeast into shops all over again. It really is the most absurd phenomenon. It’s over-consumption at its very worst. But on a more positive note it’s also Buy Nothing Day where you simply “detox from buying stuff for 24 hours.” I can only speak for myself but having bought next to nothing over the last year and seeing the wider impact that it has had more generally for me I couldn’t recommend it enough.

I haven’t always been a minimalist. In fact, quite the opposite. Up until 18 months ago I was a serial consumer. Rows and rows of L…

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