New Year’s Revolution

It’s been nearly a year since we first started sustainunable. In that time we’ve written about everything from denim jeans to festival recycling. We originally started writing because we were frustrated about how hard it is to live sustainably, and because we wanted to share our ideas, conflicts, failures and triumphs with other people, in a hope that it may also help and encourage more of you to navigate the complex world of sustainability. It was also in part, to assure ourselves that often there is not necessarily a right answer, but perhaps a better way of approaching the question.

Now 2016 is drawing to a close, we’ve been reflecting on what this blog is really trying to achieve. 12 months ago we thought we were living in a stable, positive world which was moving forwards: unfortunately the same can no longer be said. This year has been an intense cacophony of impending doom, and there is no longer a need (or a want) for us to be adding to the negativity which already pervades the internet.

Therefore, at this opportune moment, this small period between Christmas and New Year, we have decided to change our resolution. In fact, to start a revolution.

We still believe that we can do this. That together we can overcome climate change and inequality and food waste and air pollution and all the other things that make you shout and scream and cry on the inside. And yes, we still believe that there needs to be wider systems change initiated by companies and governments, and that there is a need to moan at them if they aren’t doing enough.

However, we also believe that we have the power as individuals to make a change, and that if we act as a collective, that those small actions from each of us amounts to a lot. In order to help spark this change, we are changing ourselves. Each and every week throughout 2017, we will be suggesting 1 small change that everyone is able to make in their lives. It might be something you can do in 2 minutes online, or it might be asking you to replace a specific product with something else: but whatever it is, we will walk you through it step by step, and attempt to simplify it as much as is physically possible.

Therefore, in our last post of this tumultuous year, we ask you to join our New Year’s Revolution. For sustainunable, we want 2017 to be about small, positive change. We’ll be making these changes and encouraging our readers to make them too, so please; join us on this journey. Send us comments, questions, pictures and suggestions. It’s always great to hear from anyone fighting the good fight.

Join the revolution. 2017: the year of #positivechange. Together, we can change the world.

Bex & Soph


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