You: President of Your Life

With the inauguration of Donald Trump looming around the glitzy infamous corner of Trump Tower, the world is holding its breath and waiting to see if we’ll keep our shit together. We might. Just.

Whatever your current stance is on Trump, soon his will be as leader of the free world. But that does not mean the world has to follow his lead. Those of us who care about climate change, peace, human rights and a just, safe and sustainable future must strive to make our voices heard.

This brings us on to Step 3 of our 2017 revolution: be your own President. Be that person you think the world needs more of, take politics into your own hands and use your voice to make change happen. At the risk of sounding too cheesy, be the better change you want to see in the world.

Whether you care about the Antarctic, migration, sustainable fishing, clean air or looking after your local green space  – whatever it is you value – there’s something you can do. Sign petitions, join organisations, volunteer, donate money, start a blog – get involved to ensure environments are protected, lives are saved and society doesn’t go completely to pot.

If you’re at the time-poor end of the scale why not sign some petitions once or twice a week? Here’s my list of top sites that have campaigns I’m sure you’ll want to support:

If you have more time, why not visit one of these sites to find out more about joining a group near you, attending activities, volunteering, campaigning or just trying something new that has a positive impact on someone else. Hey – you might make some friends too!

So what are you waiting for? Do something today!

This post forms Week 3 of our 2017 Revolution – to make 1 positive change in our lives every single week. Join in and let us know how your revolution is going!


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