The Buzz Kill.


Many of us need it. That overdose of caffeine in the morning to jolt us out of our droopy-eyed slumber and shunt a partial version of ourselves into the start of a working day.

It’s January. It’s cold, it’s frosty, it’s early, and hardly anyone is drinking alcohol. Therefore, it’s justifiable to buy a lovely hot beverage on the way into the office in the morning isn’t it? (well that’s what I say to myself anyway). ABSOLUTELY. What isn’t justifiable however, is the amount of disposable coffee cups which end up in landfill, every single year.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall made a program earlier in 2016 called Hugh’s War on Waste, which estimated that per year, 2.5 BILLION coffee cups get thrown away in the UK. Unfortunately, despite what we all might assume, most coffee cups cannot be recycled, due to the complex way they are made (and how much faff it is to separate the plastic waterproof lining from the cardboard outer shell) – meaning that every cup we use for our double shot skinny caramel macchiatos, will end up sitting in a rubbish dump for the next god-knows how many years.

So, my dear friends, what can we do about it? Well this week’s #positivechange is very simple: use reusable coffee mugs. Many of you will already have them, sat at home in your cupboard or on your desk – and so to you people, I ask: REMEMBER TO PICK IT UP TOMORROW.

To anyone who doesn’t already have one, there is a bountiful choice from which to choose. Whether you pick up  one you can take camping, one with an in-built cafetiere, an eco-friendly one with a cork band (my favourite), one which can fold away in your bag when empty (Soph’s favourite), or a novelty Harry Potter-inspired ‘Espresso Patronum’. Any are encouraged, as all are better than the disposable alternative.

So, whether you’re more Starbucks or independent, more latte or espresso: embrace the reusable cup, and help us save the world – one coffee at a time.



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