Big up the Local Ales!

To those who have just completed Dry January, well done! I admire your efforts (I was there in spirit, the one called Gin). I’m sure many people will be merrily jogging along to the pub this evening to indulge in their first pint of 2017! Enjoy!

Number 5 in the sustainunable revolution: Drink locally brewed beer (or locally made wine!)

The alcohol industry has lots of environmental impacts. From growing all the ingredients and creating the equipment needed, to the vast amounts of energy and water consumed, and that’s before you’ve even got your cask/bottle/keg on a wagon to go the pub. Surprisingly, the largest chunk of beer industries carbon footprint actually comes from refrigeration at retail, a whopping 25% of the total footprint. So, lower yours by discovering the delicious local ales that are produced up and down the country. No matter where you are, I bet there’s a microbrewery not too far away, and you can use the excuse you’re being sustainable.

In 2010 the guardian published that the carbon footprint of a pint of beer was:

300g CO2e: locally brewed cask ale at the pub
500g CO2e: local bottled beer from a shop or foreign beer in a pub
900g CO2e: bottled beer from the shop, extensively transported

Another reason to forgo those tasteless bottled beers and indulge in the delights of craft ale. If you’re London Fields way, I recommend a trip to The Tap Room, the London Fields Brewery bar. You can also find your nearest Locale pub by checking out the CAMRA Locale page.

Please Drink (environmentally) Responsibly.




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