Be my (sustainable) valentine?

Is Valentines the day of love? … or a day of overpriced dinners, unnecessary cards and pressure to spend lots of money on presents?

Sorry. I’ll stop being so cynical.

Valentines day, although a punch in the face for singletons, is a great opportunity to express your undying love to that special someone. However, as with all card-related holidays, it doesn’t necessarily correlate to peak sustainability. Therefore, if you are celebrating this year, I’ve got some top tips on things you can consider doing, to making the day just that little bit more green.


Much like food, flowers come with an attached carbon and water footprint. Most of the roses available in the UK around Valentines day have been flown in from far-flung countries like Kenya. Therefore, if you’re buying a bunch this week, take a look at that ‘country of origin’ sticker and pick some which were grown a bit closer to home. Better yet, get some local, fairtrade and organic flowers through florists such as , or 


Greetings cards are nice to receive, sure. But when the 2 billion cards sent in the UK every single year have a carbon footprint equivalent to taking 55,000 cars off the road… you begin to wonder whether it’s really worth it.


So rather than going to Clinton’s this year (other card shops are available) perhaps instead consider:
– Getting an eco-card made from recycled paper
– Sending an e-card through

– Expressing yourself in a different way, by writing a poem or a song instead.

Whether it’s jewellery or chocolate, perfume or a teddy bear. 21st century consumerism tells us we must have it, and we must have it now (because if we don’t get it, we’re not loved – obviously). Now, a lot of these material goods are nice to have, but quite frankly must are unnecessary and nearly all are made in an unsustainable manner.

Valentine’s Day, at it’s heart (pun intended), is about demonstrating to someone that you love them. That demonstration can take many forms, and it doesn’t need to be wrapped up with a shiny bow.
Someone once told me that the best things you can give someone, is your time, and your undivided attention. Therefore rather than buying a gift why not take some time to make them breakfast or bake them a cake. Spend a day with them exploring a new park or getting lost on country lanes.

This valentines: ditch the gifts and instead shower them with kisses and compliments. Not only will your day be more sustainable, but it’ll be more memorable, and maybe even, more meaningful.

This post forms Week 6 of our 2017 Revolution – to make 1 positive change in our lives every single week. Please send us your stories, and let us know how your revolution is going!




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