I have too much stuff. I bet we’ve all said this at some point in our lives. I myself said it at least twelve times last night, desperately stuffing books into bags, ceramic chickens into boxes and an armchair into the back of a van.

Moving-out or moving-in offers us the perfect, mildly stressful, opportunity to re-evaluate what we possess. I’ve been reading the minimalist blog for a while and was tempted to take part in the minimalist game: to give something (or things) away everyday for a month. Not having 30 days to spare (I had 1 night to pack), I chose not to play the game. Which I guess is a very non-minimalist thing to do. I’m taking it one step at a time.

Being a liver and breather of the sustainunable lifestyle I couldn’t just pack my bags and go. I did, however, pack some bags and leave the rest in my room (I’ve got a few days in the house to start shuffling the cast-away items to their new respective homes). Week 7 of the Sustainunable Revolution is this: Moving-in-imalism. Here’s some advice for anyone who wants to quickly pack “minimalist” (and sustainably) whilst moving house.

Recycle – Put the crap you can’t give away or donate into recycling. That includes separating your electrical waste, paper, etc.

Donate – to a local charity shop, or if you can’t find one bhf collect!

Free – offer your things on freecycle, streetbank, nextdoor or the good old fashioned way of with a sign on the street.  I’ve got things like a work bench which I’m sure a neighbour will want.

And most importantly, promise yourself to never buy that crap again.

If you’re moving house grab some bags and cordon of 5 ares in your room for: keep, give away, donate to a charity shop, recycle, bin bag. Try and put as little as possible in the bin bag! Even if you just want to free some physical and mental space, give it a try.

I have too much stuff. I don’t need it, not now and not in my new place. This is moving-in-imalism.




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