Be more sustainable. Take a holiday.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little restless.

Work days are dragging, Christmas was yonks ago and despite it being unseasonably warm at the moment, summer is still a while away. What do we need? Well, I think now is time to listen to the queen of pop. WE NEED A HOLIDAY.


So, many people’s immediate go-to when thinking about holidays is to find the cheapest flight possible and then shape a really fun trip around that. As part of the 2017 sustainable revolution, I’m challenging you to shun convention, throw caution to the wind, and DITCH THE PLANE. (For more info on why flying isn’t very sustainable, see one of my previous posts)

Yes, I said it. Scary stuff I know. However, I’ll take a bet that there’s many amazing places right here in the UK (or within a train or ferry journey in Ireland/France/Spain/The Netherlands) that you’ve not yet visited or explored.

A holiday doesn’t have to mean flights to the other side of the world: it’s about taking a break from reality and getting away from your emails for a little while. So whether your kind of holiday involves getting muddy, or having a mud mask – see below for my top tips on some local, sustainable (but amazing) holiday destinations!

We still have some very remote areas on our fair isle that are ripe for exploring. Strap on your boots or jump on your bike and hit the trails. Top picks:
1. The Scottish Highlands – look at Aviemore, or keen cyclists may want to try the North Coast 500.
2. Dartmoor – the only place in England to (legally) wild camp!
3. Wales – explore the mountains in Snowdonia, or maybe walk around the entire coastline?

Our capital cities in the UK are some of the cultural hubs of the world. If it’s theatres, galleries and exhibitions that are up your sleeve, we’ve got some of the very best right here on our doorstep. Top picks:
1. Edinburgh. Go in August and take in the fringe.
2. London – with the number of shows and exhibitions which change every week, there is never a bad time to go.
3. Paris in the summer (OK I realise it’s not in the UK, but it’s so close!!) – the locals leave the city that little bit quieter.

Just want to get off the grid, read a book and play some scrabble? That’s OK too. I’d highly recommend to find luxury yurts and hidden forest escapes. Or think about cosying up in a cottage in some of the beautiful sleepy towns scattered around the country. Top picks:
1. Portmeirion (Wales)
2. Wells-next-the-sea (Norfolk)
3. Rothbury (Northumberland)

Be more sustainable. Take a holiday.
Please comment below if you have other suggestions for amazing staycations!

This post forms week 8 of the 2017 sustainable revolution – to make one positive change in our lives every single week this year! 


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