Ready. This Season. Cook!

Eat Seasonably!

It is  week 10 of the sustainunable revoloution. We’ve covered your search engine options, local ales and  staycations. What a journey  it has been,I don’t know about you but I’ve worked up quite the appetite!

Tip number 10: Eat seasonal food!

Spring is basically here and March is your month for green leafy veg. Think kale, cabbage, leeks and cauliflower. Sounds like a kids dinner table nightmare, but with recipes like spicy cauliflower, caraway cabbage and potato and leek gratin you’ll be drooling in your dreams. Just remember to check your ingredients are from British Farms when you buy them! Even better if you can go to farmers markets and pick up the ingredients there. The Ecotarian has a great map of markets & eateries they recommend.

Many  websites like Eat Seasonably, BBC Good Food (where would i be without it?) and Eat the Seasons all offer regular, updated information on what to eat and how to cook it throughout the year. So why not check every month? Eat sustainably and be a kitchen adventurer. Your housemates will love you!










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