Can you walk the walk?

Happy Walk to Work Day! That’s if you’re reading this on Friday 7th April 2017. Walk to Work day is actually celebrated on the first Friday of April every year, but perhaps we should be celebrating it a little more often hey? After all, who doesn’t enjoy a day dedicated to breaking the morning rush, gentle exercise and a refreshing pace to wake you up. I think you can see where this post is going?

Sustainunable Revolution week 14: Walk the walk… to work or wherever it is you want to go!

Sustainability isn’t just about having a low environmental impact and a sustainable lifestyle is more than recycling your newspapers and carrying a canvas bag. Your lifestyle is one big holistic network of decisions and impacts, and the key is to act on those decisions you’ve made. You want to have a lower carbon footprint? Eat less meat. Fly less. Walk to work…

Earlier this week news broke that more than 20 million people in the UK are physically inactive (this is surprising seeing at three years ago the figures were basically the same – why haven’t we changed?). A lot of people struggle to find time to exercise because of that big concrete block of a working day.  Why not make your commute active? Walking is a well established British past time and if you really need some inspiration check out this page on BBC SPORT: How to get into walking.

From an environmental perspective this is how much g of CO2 is produced per kilometer of travel for the following:

  • The Tube – 40gCO2/Km
  • The Bus – 80gCO2/Km
  • Avergage petrol car – 180gCO2/Km

Another incentive to walk is giving TfLs walking map a test in  london zones 1 – 3  with step distances between stations.

Your travel choices are sometimes the easiest to change.  Walking, cycling, running, scooting, these travel options don’t just lower your carbon footprint. I know some family and friends that will literally drive a 10 minute walk! That’s not going to make the planet any healthier, or a healthier you. Don’t just talk the talk about sustainability, walk it too.





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