My (attempted) Zero Waste Week


I stumbled across Let’s Clean Up Europe a few weeks ago. It got me thinking, naturally, about how much waste I produce. I don’t litter, I despise littering and even worse so litterers. But how do I know the waste I produce won’t end up littering someone else’s back yard even after I’ve put it in the bin? Blown of the top of a rugged landfill site, caught by a seagull and carried all the way to  your back yard. Taking responsibility for your waste from the moment you make a purchase is a key driver in making sustainable shopping choices. I want the world to say goodbye to the non-recyclable landfill bound products we make, buy and use. So, i’m not just going to talk the talk, i’m going to walk it to. I want to live less wastefully and so this is my week-long diary of my waste-free challenge!  – Easter Sunday (April 16 2017)

Easter Sunday still –  so far all easter egg packaging is recyclable!

Bank Holiday Monday (17th April)

I don’t know about you but on my bank holidays I spend hours in the kitchen baking cakes for charity cake sales. I’m being sarcastic. I don’t usually do this, but I will make an exception. It’s for a good cause! I quickly realised it is incredibly hard to buy cooking ingredients that aren’t in plastic bags. I feel like today’s waste amount will not be zero.

Waste makers: buying cake ingredients, buying food for dinner in a rush (that bloody plastic film over the pizza!)

Waste savers: recyclable plastic & reusble tins for carrying the cakes.

Tuesday (18th April)

Back to work, and unfortunately I had a meeting at 8:30am. Thank god I have my reusable coffee cup to get my morning coffee in! I bought lunch last night when I grabbed pizza at the train station for dinner. The price reduced, I was hungry and pressed for time and I didn’t stop to check if the film that covers the salad is recyclable. It wasn’t – more waste!

Waste maker: pre-packaged lunches

Waste savers: Steel water bottle & travel coffee cup

Wednesday (19th April)

I got lunch today at a street food stall, the box it came in is “100% biodegradable” the chap assured me. There is no food waste bins in work so have taken to taking my tea bags & fruit cores home with me in the biodegradable box.  We should get food waste bins in work!

Thursday (20th April)

Not much waste generating activity today except for the receipt for my paper notebook. Are receipts recyclable? Not all of them! Thermal glossy ones aren’t and most receipts are thermal paper!

Waste maker: reciepts

Friday (21 April)

Apart from food waste no extra waste produced and I didn’t buy anything. Easy.

Saturday (22 April)

Having friends round so I am going to make loads of veggie pasta. Annoyingly, despite supermarkets now charging for plastic carrier bags, they still only provide plastic bags for loose fruit and veg! I just dropped them in the basket. I got as much loose veg as I could but the lemons came in netting, which i’m not sure is recyclable. Will look into this! Pasta came in non recyclable plastic too!

Waste from drinks include, corks & beet bottle tops. Bottle tops are recyclable and corks are biodegradable, chop them up and put them in the compost.

I will admit my week did not result in zero waste. You can’t live a zero waste life in London without thorough planning. Next time, I will be making my own pizzas, making lunches before hand and I don’t think i’ll be doing a cake sale in a while! And I’m  going to do something about the lack of food waste bins in the office.

Sustainunable Revolution week 16: Try to produce less waste!



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