Find a friend and have a cuppa.


I’ve been struck this week by the power of conversations.

I really strongly believe that one of the best and most effective ways for us all to live more sustainable lives (and for us to convince others that doing so is a great idea) is by being approachable, honest and humble – and by actually going out and chatting to other people about what needs to change.

Whether you’re most bothered about air pollution, or ocean plastics, or climate migration, or gender equality or food waste… that stuff is only going to get any better if enough people care about it and shout about it.

Many of us (myself included) think that those around us aren’t interested in these kinds of topics. We think that our companions will ignore us or ‘switch off’ if we bring up serious issues in a conversation: but we need to give them more credit than that. People do care, and they will care – especially if they can see that it matters to you.

If we’re all just sitting in our kitchens, getting angry about nuclear energy and record-breaking temperatures, but not talking to anyone else about it (or even worse – just ranting on Twitter), then we can’t expect the world to get any more sustainable any time soon. The power to change is literally in our hands – in the form of a cup of tea and maybe some biscuits.

So my ask for you this week, is to go and find someone new to talk to. It could be a friend, a neighbour, you mum, your colleague, or even your boss. Bring up a topic that you’re really passionate about and you haven’t spoken to them about before. Don’t be preachy, but tell them in no uncertain terms why it worries you, and why they should be bothered about it too.

If you don’t yet have the confidence to do that, then I have a different ask: get inspired by people who are doing it. Find your local Transition Town, activist group, charity or support network and go along to their next meeting or event. Talk to people there, and try to learn from those who are more experienced.

Engaging our own family and friends with these kind of important topics is a very real way of living life more sustainably. I wish you luck, and I would love to hear stories of how your conversations go.

This post forms Week 29 of our 2017 Sustainable Revolution – to make 1 positive change in our lives every single week. Comment and let us know how yours is going!



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