Look at me!

Whether you’re a new recruit or an old hand in this sustainability lark, there’s always something new to learn; so here are a few of our favourite blogs, podcasts and websites to help you on your way.
Check them out next time your boss isn’t looking or you’re bored on a night bus.

Blogs & Readables

  1. The Ecotarian – a blog aimed at trying to unwrap the complexities of eating sustainably. It’s great.
    Disclaimer: we may be slightly biased as our friend Naomi writes it.
  2. Jonathon Porritt is like the Darth Vader to our Luke Skywalker (i.e. our sustainability father).
  3.  A Refuge for Daffodils – an inspirational blog about a North Londoner’s attempt to live a Zero Waste Lifestyle. Pip, we salute you.
  4. London Cyclist. You guessed it. This one is about cycling.
  5. Do The Green Thing. Creativity at it’s best. Addressing huge issues with awesome content.


  1. Sustainababble – a wonderfully witty way to while away an hour a week
  2. Weekly Economics Podcast – the New Economics Foundation tries to explain economics and finance for those who have no idea about economics and finance.


  1. Sharing is fun isn’t it? We’re big fans of lots of websites which are encouraging people to share stuff, rather than having to buy new things, or throw things away (it’s much more sustainable).
    Take a look at Streetbank, OLIO, SwishingFreecycle and Freegle. Also remember that you can borrow things like books and DVDs from your Local Library!